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Laborvida as a growth-oriented and research-based pharmaceutical company has been innovating in the development and manufacture of high-tech generic drugs for human health.

The Company

Laborvida has been since 2008 year now a Brazilian privately held pharmaceutical company and working in research, development and production of complex medicines, dedicated to delivering value-added drugs through innovation as for instance the generic rivastigmine drug for treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

Laborvida continues to capitalize on its presence in the market to help provide people access to high quality medicines.

Laborvida is fully aligned with the needs of innovative pharmaceutical specialties, offering committed partnerships that apply their broad technologies, facilities and regulatory excellence geared towards sustainability to the manufacture of products.

Laborvida production facilities have been certified by the National Sanitary Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) to manufacture finished products, including substances subject to special control as laid down by the Decree SVS/MS nº 344/98.

Laborvida policies and techniques have been used to assure that high level of performance is achieved. All stages of their production and packaging have been strictly monitored by Quality Control and Quality Assurance teamwork, ensuring full compliance with the Brazilian health legislations.

Laborvida employees thoroughly work aware of their responsibilities to produce affordable pharmaceuticals, under the cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) guidelines.

The Company environmental concern has been continuous as per applied to their industrial waste treatment and disposal, which ones have been controlled by ensuring best practices according to HSE – Health, Safety and Environment.

The state-of-art Laborvida plant and its committed-to-quality team can provide to their customers the highest standard of quality within their products and services.

The former Mappel, Laborvida precursor company, had been focused on contract-manufacturing , specialized in outsourcing manufacturing capabilities to produce solid drugs for human healthcare, as tablets, coated tablets, pills and capsules.

Clients over the years since 1992:
Abbot, Cristalia, Darrow, Farmanguinhos, Farmoquímica, FURP, GSK, Vital Brazil Institute , Brazil Navy Laboratory, Laboratory of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Army, Mantercorp, Microbiológica, Nikkho, Roche, Servier, Zambom, among other.

Laborvida History

In the earlier January 2008 Laborvida Group’s shareholders purchased Mappel pharmaceutical plant , an industry which had been in the outsourcing market for 50 years, equipped with modern facilities and qualified team to produce medicines for third-parties Clients throughout Brazilian states.

Soon after they have changed the former Mappel brand by the new Laborvida Laboratórios Farmacêuticos Ltda (Laborvida Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.), with the ultimate aim of developing innovative medicines for human health through an integrated technologic and operational platform by connecting pharmaceutical specialties with the manufacture of active substances used in some finished drugs, in line with government rules and decrees to improvement of the quality and safety and efficacy to the medicines for the Public Healthcare system in Brazil.

Since its founding, Laborvida seeks to align their strategies with Brazilian government‘s Productive Development Policy – PDP, with regard to the health sector and developing new medicines.

The entrepreneurs of the Laborvida have been led by Dr. Lelio Augusto Maçaira, committed to issues related to drugs developed in Brazil, through the nationalization of technologies and production in the country, generating social welfare, employment and income.

Mission, Vision and Values


Producing innovative medicines with unquestionable quality that are accessible to the whole society.


Being an innovative company, recognized for excellence in the quality of their products and being among the main players of the Brazilian pharmaceutical chain.


  • Human Health
  • Quality
  • Integrity
  • People
  • Relationships
  • Environment

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